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Contact:Dian Lestari
Phone:0451 258 774
Email: hobart@trueheart.org


Our workshops are open to the public and are offered by donation. We invite everyone to come and open their hearts to true peace and joy…

Public Meetups

We offer open, donation-based Open Heart Meditation sessions to help everyone to experience the peace, calmness and joy of the spiritual heart. Please come along at the following times…

Hobart TrueHeart Centre
Hobart TrueHeart Centre
Hobart TrueHeart Centre

TrueHeart Centre

Hobart’s TrueHeart activities take place at our beautiful TrueHeart Centre at 45 Victoria Street:

Room Rental

The TrueHeart Centre has some beautiful treatment rooms to rent on a short- or long-term basis. For further information, or to book, please complete the form below: