TrueHeart’s Vision

TrueHeart’s Vision:

To help people to…

  • use their Spiritual Heart to rely on the Love of True Source, our Creator;
  • live their lives with an Open Heart in joy and gratitude for the real purpose of life; and,
  • share the Love of True Source to others; thus, improving relationships with others and giving positive benefits to the wider community.

TrueHeart’s Mission:

  • Establish TrueHeart centres across Australia, where people can learn, practice and share about Open Heart to the community
  • Provide TrueHeart Facilitators (volunteers)
  • Share The Real Purpose of Life to the community
  • Share and teach Open Heart Meditations and Practices to the community
  • Motivate people to open their Hearts by relying on the Love of True Source, so they can share the Love of True Source to the community
  • Help people to release and let go negative/destructive emotions, habits, behaviors to live a more joyful and peaceful life.
  • Share the real-life application of relying on True Source Love to the community, such as: prayers for those who have passed away, improving relationships, better health etc.
  • Educate participants so they can share to the wider community about Open Heart, True Source Love, and Real Purpose of Life